Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction To terms and conditions: By signing up to our services you instantly agree to our terms and conditions outlined below.

2. Once you are a member, we may at any point conduct our checks and may decline your registration if we can’t verify the account.

3. website documentation: We may at any time request documentation to verify your age or Identity. Failure to comply will result in your account being deleted.

4. Copyright notice: Wolf Tracker has full ownership of this website and its logo is copyrighted and belongs solely to Wolf Tracker. All news feed content shown on our posts is from 3 rd parties online. we will fully display the source of our content. Any pictures, videos or interviews fully belong to the 3rd party.

5. Licence to use website: You may use the website at any time you wish as long as your subscription is up to date. no downloading of any content is prohibited anyone found doing this will be removed and blocked form the site.

6. You agree to allow us to use your email to contact you.

7. Registration and accounts: your account will be eligible upon the full registration process and our checks; no other person is permitted to use your account. You will notify Wolf Tracker on misuse of your account.

8. User login details: Your password is to be kept confidential at all times you must notify us on any suspicious activity on your account, you are responsible for your password and keeping it safe and private. You may change your password and update your details at any time on your profile section.

9. Profile picture: you may upload a picture of your choice onto your account only you can see this

10. Cancellation and suspension of account: You have the right to cancel your account any time you wish by emailing in or closing the account yourself on your profile. Wolf Tracker has the right to cancel and terminate your account at any time. Any outstanding payments made to us will be refunded back to you upon cancellation on our behalf.

11. Social networking: if your behaviour is inappropriate or your comments Offensive on any social media regarding Wolf Tracker and its services your account will be terminated immediately with no refund for that paying month.

12. Personal profiles: You must keep your profile information accurate at all times; profiles to be kept up to date.

13. Content rules: Wolf Tracker will have 8-10 posts running per week for our members.

14. Report abuse: N/A

15. Payments on our site: Wolf Tracker uses a safe and secure 3 rd party (Strip Payments) to safely process your payments. Wolf Tracker has no access to your card details at anytime.

16. Indemnity: Once you subscribe to Wolf Tracker there will be a monthly fee in advance per month of £2 Once payment is made we can’t refund for that month. In case of a mistaken double payment we will fully refund the mistaken payment.

17. Breaches of these terms: Breach of any of the above terms and conditions will result in termination of your account and we may forward your details to the authorities if you have committed an offence or crime.

18. Third party websites: we have no control or liability over any hyperlinks you may click on, on our platform and what the 3 rd party demonstrates on their site.

19. Competitions: competitions on our website, competition terms and conditions will be clearly displayed for each competition.

20. Entire agreement: By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are entering into this agreement with us in relation to our terms and conditions

21. Law and jurisdiction: England and Wales Law.

22. Our details: company registration details are on our landing page along with our place of business. contact information is on our contacts us page or [email protected]

23. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Your details will be kept and safely secured on our data base. Your email or details will not be shared with any other party at any time. We will use your email to communicate with you as a registered member only keeping you updated on your account and subscription with us.

- By registering an account with us you have the right to cancel your account at any time, and to inform us to stop and close your account at any time.